Our team provides turnkey solutions or

partial support in all digital design areas

such as game design, 2D and 3D graphics,

sophisticated animation,

video editing and post-production,

VR and AR.


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Many analysts say that video advertising is much more effective than other formats. So what are you waiting for? Don’t miss your chance to make a high-quality video, because WOW-HOW Studio specializes in video production. Our video production process includes conception, scriptwriting, storyboarding, shooting, directing, editing, post-production and coloring.


We specialize in marketing video production, promotional video production, product video production, web video production, training & instructional video production, and other types of professional videos.


And, yes, we know what you need and we'll make it perfectly with our know-how gained from years of experience.

What you get

  • Unforgettable quality video
  • Visualization of your idea
  • Professional post-production services

Have you already shot the film or made an animation movie and there are last touches left? We are a creative and efficient post production company ready to create the outstanding editing of your material.

What we do

Order now

What you get

  • Award winning post production services
  • Cutting-edge in house facilities
  • Tv Sound
  • Film Sound

What makes our innovation stand out is our artistic approach to bringing your ideas to life. We adopt a back-to-basics approach to developing your ideas: whether they are for websites, books, tableware, etc. our process begins by putting pencil to paper. Once the solution is conceived, our “Development Triangle” comes into play, connecting art, design and technology.


We believe that innovation is nothing without art, but in order to innovate we first need plant the seeds of creativity, and this can only be done with your ideas.

What you get

  • Fascinating Art
  • Creative Ideas
  • Individual Approach

An area of true wizardry in our studio is thanks to the phenomenal work by our 3D-artists. They are achieving the impossible with all the basic phases in 3D graphics such as modeling, shading, rendering, compositing and animation.


Wow-How Studio offers a wide range of 3D Visualization services: a development of a mathematical representation of any three-dimensional surface of an object, the creation of a 3D-model in motion. We can combine visual elements from separate sources into single images and edit already complete 3D files.


Wow-How Studio - it`s not just about design, it`s about magic.

What you get

  • Groundbreaking 3D
  • High-Quality Result

Video Animation Production conquered many spheres of entertainment and advertisement. The latest tendencies show that educational video and film production companies prefer working with multiplication and 2D/ 3D visualization. There is nothing surprising about that; as you can understand, the bright, vivid, unusual and magnificent sceneries of the graphic attract many eyes and inspire for good.

What you get

  • Feature Films
  • TV Series
  • Video Game Cinematics
  • Trailers and More!

The virtual and augmented reality is a new word in computer technology and whole digital sphere. Simulated environment can bring you to any place: real or imagined. Virtual reality gives you a chance to interact with information and data by creating a new dimension with incredible opportunities. The usage of VR and AR takes leading positions in different spheres: from medicine to game world. We believe that one day immersive reality will be just an ordinary part of daily people`s life.


Wow-How Studio follows the latest digital trends and delivers innovative solutions to the customers. We design, implement and test a complete virtual reality system for such devices as Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Samsung Gear VR. 

What you get

  • Immersive Reality
  • Comprehensive Approach
  • State-of-the-art Solutions

Virtual reality has taking gaming to a new dimension. The idea of creating our very own games is for many people just a dream, but we’re proud to announce that Wow-How Studio makes this dream a reality. Dangerous adventures, complicated quests, arcades, and strategies – the entire gaming world is in the palm of your hand – all we need is your idea and our team will bring it to life.


Creative managers, designers, illustrators, special-effect artists and animators with more than 10 years' experience, are ready to design all the elements of your game, from hand-drawn pictures to life-like 3D models, starting with characters and icons, through to locations, levels, and game interface design.


Make your dreams come true today - contact us!

What you get

  • Mind-Blowing Game Art
  • Modern Vision in Game Art
  • Nice Result


write us

Bay Area, USA +1 415 796 02 02
Kharkiv, Ukraine +38 067 539 4002