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Animated Explainer Videos as a Key to Understanding Process

The aims of the animated explainer video production are various, but the essence is to tell some precise information simply and clearly. We offer you a variety of approaches to creating the memorable videos for every sphere of life. Marketing, business or any personal intentions – our solutions are universally satisfying for all fields and needs.

Types of Animated Explainer Videos wow how

Which Animated Explainer Videos Do You Need?

Our team of professionals creates three types of motion picture b-rolls for any business sphere and orientation.  WOW-HOW 's animated explainer video services consist of:

Simple, unsophisticated animated explainer videos showing step by step instruction or business idea description are presented in an illustrative plain cartoon form. We fill this video with ordinary graphical elements like icons, schemes, and text. You can order an exclusive project specially made for you or the ready sample which you can enrich with graphical design means on your own or, partially, with our help at WOW-HOW’s site.  Such b-rolls are used to explain the operating process of a product or service in an easy way and to show its advantages and benefits.  

This is a more complex type of animated explainer videos which our company offers. The very difference between 2D and personage animation is the presence of difficult graphical algorithms, individual character design (manners, gesture, appearance, and personality), and thoroughly worked out surroundings. For this short video with compound graphical means, it is necessary to order the new voice-over narration service and choose the speaker, or to buy our samples.  We communicate all operating principles of the explained issue, which are described through the personage's actions and situations, in the animation of this type.

The very need of such animated explainer video production is to simulate real processes and present the possibilities of your product or service efficiently. The footage consists of bright and simple elements and stereoscopic models. The b-roll content is describing the action processes of goods and offers in an abstract way. Our professionals help you to transfer your wishes and preferences into the digital format and provide you with real assistance during the whole creation and editing process. The usage of high-detailing and elaborate script allows viewers to understand the product actions and proposes demonstrative means and abstract visualizations. We can offer you ready voice-over narration recording and soundtracks or make new ones upon your requirements.  All graphic work is close to real physical parameters in order to make your video more realistic.


Why are Animated Explainer Videos Convenient to Use?

We can surely claim that visual memory is the most efficient one. People remember almost 75% of visual information, as the 'Velvet Chainsaw Consulting' source and many other informational sites and articles confirm. So why don't you give your viewer what he or she needs through the visualization prism? With this technique, your explanatory material will be perceived better and more intensely. Order an animation B-roll from us to illustrate and visualize your products, and even a child will know how it works!



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